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All physicians listed on the Find a Doctor directory use new and original Medtronic ClosureFast™ catheters. They do not use reprocessed ClosureFast™ catheters sold by Vascular Solutions.  So what does this mean for you?

  • During your procedure, your physician will use a new ClosureFast™ catheter that has never been used on another patient.
  • Your experience as a patient with a new ClosureFast™ catheter has been validated through a multi-center, randomized clinical trial (reference the Recovery study).
  • Clinical results with new ClosureFast™ catheters have been proven out to 5 years through a multi-center, prospective trial (reference the Proebstle study).

Make sure to ask your doctor for a new ClosureFast™ catheter from Medtronic.


While nearly 25% (4.5 billion) of the global adult population (18+) suffers from chronic venous insufficiency, only 1.1 million are actually treated annually.  Fortunately, by identifying varicose veins and discussing treatment options with a vein specialist, you can help halt the progression of the condition.


The Find a Doctor locator directory provides contact information, categorized by zip code, for vein specialists who are trained to use Medtronic’s ClosureFast™ Procedure and VenaSeal™ Closure System to treat venous disease, including varicose veins and CVI.  While our database is large, it is not comprehensive and does not include all physicians who offer these procedures.  Medtronic has not charged physicians to be included in the database, nor does Medtronic endorse any physician or provide any recommendation of their services.  Only a healthcare professional can diagnose varicose veins and CVI.