A Trusted Partner

Further, Together

Changing the way the world experiences healthcare requires that we all do more, in new ways, with new partners.  Let’s do it together.  At Medtronic, we will continue our leadership in CVI treatment through our commitment to deliver:

  • Demonstrated Results – Medtronic CVI solutions offer clinically demonstrated results1-10.  Our technologies are designed to provide improved patient comfort with:1,2,9
    • Minimal pain and tenderness
    • Reduced ecchymosis

  • Rapid Recovery – Faster recovery can also mean increased patient satisfaction.  Medtronic CVI solutions are designed to provide:
    • Fast improvement in quality of life1,2
    • Quick return to normal activities3,6
    • Easy post-procedure management3

  • Unparalleled Partnership – Medtronic is committed to being the best possible partner for your CVI practice.  To support your practice and ensure the successful integration of endovascular CVI treatment technologies, we offer:
    • Full access to a wide range of training programs focused on CVI care and treatment
    • Dedicated, field-based support teams

Meaningful innovations. Better patient outcomes. Quality, coordinated care. Let’s take healthcare Further, Together.



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